Sian Simpson

Sian is the global community manager at the Kiwi Landing Pad, a place for high-growth New Zealand technology companies expanding into the US market. Offering companies space in their office in San Francisco and plugging these companies into their vast community so that they can hit the ground running from day one.

Kiwi Landing Pad is a unique public/private offering, half funded by the NZTE and half funded by high-profile New Zealand technology investors and entrepreneurs (Sam Morgan, Stephen Tindall). Sian has a passion for building communities and has grown the landing pad community by over 1000 people in the last year.

Meeting with 60+ visitors per month, has meet with 700+ entrepreneurs in the last year, seen 150+ NZ businesses and holds 4 events per month, 50+ so far since her time in at the Landing Pad.

In her free time she visits technology hotspots around the world, making connections with local community influencers, on a mission to understand what drives technology hubs and what technology and innovation is prevalent in each location, as well as continuing to grow her global community. She’s travelled to 35+ countries in the last few years.

Additionally Sian runs a small US arm of 90 Seconds (Global Cloud Video Production Company), charged with growing presence in the US, she films and executes content strategies for A list conferences (SaaStr Annual) & high growth (SaaS & Sales) startups in the US. She engages and interviews thought leaders and industry influencers to create engaging, high-quality content in the form of web video, and also designing the digital strategy to maximise the conversation on and offline.

Back in New Zealand she is working with Massey University (where she is continuing her Business degree via distance learning) to launch their Entrepreneurship Club as well as mentoring business students from Albany Senior High School and has a long term vision for technology to be New Zealand’s biggest export.

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