Sam Witters


NBC Universal, Lionsgate & Tribeca Enterprises, Viacom, board/advisor NZ VR/AR Assoc, NZTE, Pango Technologies, ConsumerThink, start-ups and various indie-prod cos.

Sam specialises in building revenue pathways via content strategies for Fortune 500 entertainment companies and tech media start-ups. She is a pragmatic and unconventional thinker who thrives on leading by example and empowering teams to think outside (and sometimes inside) the box. She is very good at listening, cutting straight through nonsense and seeing exactly what will work when things are not quite clear.

Sam is currently shaping and promoting immersive content eco-systems, subscription-driven entertainment co's and those innovating in entertainment, children's health, ed & ad technologies. She vets and builds market entry strategies for stellar NZ companies taking on the US.

Sam is a trusted and proven advisor. She brings out the best in individuals and consequently builds solid, long-standing advocates. She has an excellent US & international network.

Sam builds consistent revenue and has increased turnover - 20m - 40m +

Sam has an entrepreneurial spirit and is a hybrid thinker, adept at identifying how to position and grow media companies through successful, agile and sustainable business planning, clever thinking with a solid underpinning.

Sam is a recipient of the Women in Media Scholarship to Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

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