David Stokes


Over the past 15 years, David has helped some of New Zealand's leading technology companies commercialise their products more effectively, profitably scale, and create real value for their customers.

In early 2015, David co-founded Velox Innovation, a company dedicated to helping New Zealand businesses accelerate the development of high-value products and solutions. 

David has a deep background in product development process, project management, and business systems optimisation, and has worked inside leading technology companies such as Telecom, EDS, Navman, Tait Electronics and NextWindow. He previously founded Technology Systems, and used his experience to transform and make-scaleable smaller companies such as AeroQual, Electronic Partners and PowerShield, as well larger companies such as Downer, IXOM and LIC Automation, using an in-business coaching model.

As president of PDMA-NZ (Product Development and Management Association of New Zealand), David has the privilege of helping to foster networking and experience-sharing in a wide range of industries and disciplines that are involved in product development.

David holds a Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences with First Class Honors.

His core expertise includes:
- Product Development
- Technology Commercialisation
- Project Management and Knowledge Management Systems
- Agile Practices and Processes
- Product Data Management Software Engineering

In David's spare time, he volunteers for Startup Weekend Auckland, OMGTech and supports his kids in Vex Robotics competitions.

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