How much funding do Flux companies receive?

We want to attract the best companies. Period. We realise that not all startups are the same and believe they all have slightly different funding requirements. So we have a flexible investment model that can invest the right amount of capital at an appropriate valuation.  This way we can work with a hungry young team with big aspirations as well as a seasoned management team that has product in market and revenue coming in the door.

We offer startups an investment of between $20,000-$100,000 in return for 5-10% equity.

In addition to the funding, startups also receive the value of the programme:

  • Acceleration over a 6 month period including hands-on mentorship from mentors 
  • Connections to the FLUX network of founders, partners and mentors across the globe
  • Perks from our partners
  • Office space for six months
  • Demo Day and other investor connections

What type of companies does Flux invest in?

We fund technology companies. This includes SaaS, marketplaces, internet of things, hardware and more. We're looking for technology companies that can have global scale. Specifically, we don’t fund biotechnology companies, restaurants, consultancies, or other local service oriented companies. 

I’m a single founder. Can I get accepted into FLux, or do you only look for complete teams?

While we won't decline your application because you are a single founder, it does make things more difficult. We look for teams that have the full range of skills and that have a balance of business and technical talent. We  advise that you look to find a co-founder that will complement your skill set. For example, if you’re a strong developer, you might consider adding someone with business and/or marketing experience. If you have a strong business background, you may want to find an engineer or developer to join the company.